The Bobby Livingston Band performs compelling stories of overindulgence and heartbreak, grittily sung over Telecasters and Farfisa, that tell the tale of an American lost soul.

Challenged by a friend to chronicle his life story, songwriter Bobby Livingston began a task he had never risked previously, opening the chamber of his past. 

Written over a period of months, the songs quickly developed when performed live with Livingston's raucous live band Napoleon In Rags and The Language That He Used. The bandleader then approached local guitar ace Chris Lester to produce the record and flesh out the musical concepts. Co-producer Lisa Guyer of Sully Erna fame, and the friend who encouraged him to record, was instrumental in developing Livingston's honest vocal performances and arrangements.

"High and Away"- where the dark circles the light through a desolate landscape of trouble, loss and redemption. 

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